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Developing a New Generation of Financial Leaders at the West Midlands Pension Fund

“Due to my heavy workload I would sometimes feel that I could not justify the day out of the office (for this leadership and culture change programme) however on each occasion I returned to work refreshed and positive.”120THE £9 BILLION WEST MIDLANDS PENSION FUND (WMPF) is the largest in the UK. It has over 257,000 members and 300 scheme employers. Its assets are primarily managed in-house by investment professionals. It is facing unprecedented change because of the planned reforms of the UK pension industry and because of the declining and increasingly competitive traditional market. LeaderShape was called in to help Chief Pensions Service Manager, Nadine Perrins, manage the restructure of the organisation and the performance and development of it people to meet these changing needs. WMPF had been very traditional in its directive style of leadership and career progression based on longevity and favour, rather than merit. A major gap existed between the leadership experience of the Senior Management Team (several of whom were in sight of retirement) and middle-managers who had mostly received development in technical and business skills. The leadership style and culture of the organisation needed to become more inclusive and engaged with its employees in order to improve performance in a rapidly changing market.

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We are pleased to report that, when asked “would you recommend this programme to a colleague?” 93% of WMPF participants said “YES”

“This was an excellent development opportunity which should be offered across the Pension Service as it would enable managers and staff to learn more about the impact they have on peers and colleagues, which would contribute towards changing the culture of the organisation!”     Testimonial from in-house review.

Dixon`s Retail : creating shareholder value through teambuilding

Bringing together two rival groups to create a successful commercial team

The Dixon’s group has seen a 7.4% rise in share price after better-than-expected annual results. In a tough market, including securing a multi-million pound new credit facility, the electrical retailer has reported good progress in the UK and Ireland and northern Europe and says it is “well-positioned for the year ahead.” Source: Financial Times

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Celebrity Leadership – What do Steve Jobs, Martin Johnson and John Terry have in common?

Part 1: Steve Jobs
More Catch up in my hotel room in Mumbai – can’t sleep.
They all got to the top!! A basic problem is that we humans need very different behaviours, characteristics and conscience to have the talent to get to the top compared with being a great leader once at the top. And no theory has come close to working out how we get the right people to the top!
I don’t know Steve, Martin (England Rugby Team Manager) or John (England Football Captain) personally or their organisations intimately so my views are my intuition from which I will try to eliminate bias and prejudice.

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Emotional Intelligence or Behavioural Control?

Successfully managing a difficult member of your team is a challenge. Assuming they generally behave reasonably, it could be stress overload rather than their character. 

Neuroscience is beginning to understand how our brains evolved from basic survival mechanisms through to complex “Emotional Intelligence.” Internationally known psychologist, Daniel Goleman, explains the scientific background to a common workplace concern.

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Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team.

How do you build teams that achieve?
What improves performance and what kills it?

Tom Wujec is a Fellow in a company whose world leading technology serves the design, engineering and entertainment industries.  The task he sets is simple, quick and encourages deep learning regarding collaboration, innovation and creativity.

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