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Top Leadership Tips for SME Finance Directors

assisting the leadership of SME by the finance directorSmall and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have had a particularly tough time over the past 2 years. In addition to the challenge of dealing with rapid and significant changes in the market and working culture, they have had to work through severe financial pressures as order books plummeted, large customers hung on to the cash they owe, and banks closed their doors.

“Not everything that can be counted counts; and not everything that counts can be counted.” Albert Einstein.

Now there are signs of recovery a change of mindset is needed from “survivorship” to “well-managed growth”. This is a great opportunity for a good SME FD to play a significant and leading role in supporting this shift.

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Unique expert community for high growth business.

Oxfordshire has launched a unique expert community to offer specialist help to innovative businesses with high growth potential. The Oxfordshire Innovation & Growth Team (OxIGT) will provide advice and support to businesses in any sector and of any size with the potential for rapid expansion, including a key focus on SMEs that have the potential to grow into large indigenous companies. Any new or existing businesses with the potential, desire and capability for sustainable high growth could qualify.

Leadership development experts and business coach-mentors, LeaderShape is proud to be a consortium member of the Oxfordshire IGT programme – the prestigious partnership is led by Oxford Innovation together with ISIS Innovation, Oxford Brookes University, The Oxford Trust, Business Link, The Oxford Economic Partnership, Oxfordshire County Council, NESTA and The Technology Strategy Board.

Each partner will provide specialist expertise as part of the business network. 

The Oxfordshire IGT will also deliver bespoke training and advice. A major part of its strategy is to develop a Community of Innovation to encourage and enable over 1,000 businesses to share information and experiences. LeaderShape will provide leadership development expertise and coach-mentor and facilitation training to the IGT team.

Chairman of the Innovation and Growth Team’s Board, Martin Dare-Edwards, explains:  “We aim to establish Oxfordshire as a world-beating innovation hotspot with a sustainable community of innovative, high growth businesses.  The enthusiasm and passion for enterprise will be harnessed to encourage young people in the region to increase their skills, improving the capability and competitiveness of Oxfordshire’s future workforce.”

The IGT is one of eight South East Business IGTs that are being funded by SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) to provide tailored coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities to businesses of all sizes. A Team Director with strong leadership and management qualities to head up and drive forward this initiative is being sought.

For further details please contact John Knights.