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CIPD review of Leadership Assessment for Talent Development

CIPD – People Management Magazine review

THANKS TO the CIPD’s professional journal, People Management, who reviewed John Knights and Tony Wall’s top-rated publication Leadership Assessment for Talent Development, saying:

From nine leading academics and consultants comes a thoroughly modern take on judging leaders, reflecting a world in which “knowledge is increasingly available to everyone.” By necessity there’s an emphasis on broader interpersonal skills rather than strategic (in particular the idea of the “transpersonal leader” gets a great deal of discussion), but this is still an engrossing guide for leaders or the HR directors empowering them, with some excellent analytical digressions on storytelling, coaching and diagnosing executive blind spots.

Grow the right business leaders for tomorrow.

51iHC9FJNRL._SL110_LEADERSHAPE’S UNIQUE PUBLICATION …has reached no. 35 in the Amazon Best Seller’s Rank for Training – and highest position of Top 1% on the Amazon Best Seller’s Rank (out of 6m!)

SENIOR BUSINESS AND ACADEMIC leaders from Tata Management Training Centre, Claire’s Stores, Henley Business School and the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) have endorsed a unique publication showing how organisations can grow and develop tomorrow’s leaders, in-house.

Co-author/editor of Leadership Assessment for Talent Development,  John Knights, Chairman and co-founder of LeaderShape says:

Many of today’s leaders reach the organisational pinnacle because they are great at getting there, not because they are a great leader when they arrive. We need to identify and develop those people who will be excellent when they are in the top position.

The publication highlights a new roadmap for CEOs, Directors, Managers and HR professionals, detailing how organisations can use assessment tools to go far beyond recruitment and selection; the aim is to recognise and develop key individuals, as part of a comprehensive talent management and development strategy.  Researched and authored by several members of LeaderShape and the University of Chester’s Centre for Work Related Studies faculties, the extensive source material covers well known public and private sector bodies, as well as family firms and SMEs, collected over 15 years.
Director of LeaderShape and contributing author, Danielle Grant says:

Business professionals needing to pinpoint future leaders will not want to be without this state-of-the-art blueprint for success.  Leadership Assessment for Talent Development goes beyond recruitment to position assessment as a central, strategic activity. It demonstrates how to apply a connected process that accelerates behavioural change and facilitates engagement and enables in-house talent.  It is an authentic and essential companion for managers in any field who want to equip their company with talented employees, to be fit for future success.

The book is also edited by Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of Chester, Tony Wall, who lectures in the University’s Centre for Work Related Studies (CWRS) and is a specialist in personal and organisational transformation. The Centre exists to promote the University’s internationally recognised expertise in the fields of work-based learning.
Tony says:

In conducting research into the leadership needs, strengths and blind spots, we found some fascinating trends which are crucial for everyone dealing with talent management and leadership to know. The book tackles these head on, using leadership assessment as one of the most efficient and effective ways to direct talent management budgets for optimal impact. The book is focused on the ‘how to’ of ensuring you get every ounce of value from leadership assessments.

The book, published by Kogan Page, profiles step-by-step how to boost existing talent and, through extensive real-world case studies, highlights the practical application of powerful, bespoke leadership assessment processes. Reviewing the publication,
Peter Collyer, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Claire’s Stores, Inc said:

A child in their favorite toy store…….that is how this book will make any inquisitive HR Executive or Business Leader feel, when they delve into the rich insights, learnings and opportunities this book provides! For any “self-aware, development-hungry leader” who strives to be successful, this provides both immediate and long-term direction on how to excel as a business and a leader whilst encouraging us to become an exceptional role model for future generations.

Shubhro Sen, Director, TATA Management Training Centre commented:

A timely and insightful treatise on a subject of central importance to every organisation today. Essential learning for all professionals engaged in leadership and talent development.

Dr Barry Z. Posner, Accolti Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University co-authored The Leadership Challenge, selected as one of the top ten leadership books of all time. He added:

Without leadership, organisations (and nations) perish; this is why this book is so timely, and important. Full of interesting research, practical examples and insightful advice.  An excellent contemporary resource for developing leadership talents; invaluable at both an individual and organisational level.

Professor Peter Hawkins, of the Henley Business School, said:

Tomorrow’s leadership will face far greater challenges than today’s privileged generation. We need to be developing tomorrow’s leadership now and this book provides many tools, approaches and case studies that can help us with that urgent task.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive Officer of the CIPD, who has just been named HR’s Most Influential Thinker for 2013, offered:

Leadership capabilities at all levels have never been more important in times of great change and uncertainty, and most CEOs will cite leadership as one of their most critical areas of concern. So how do we make sure we are assessing and developing leaders in the best way? Much is changing in this field and this book brings together some of the best thinking, case studies and ideas that help us all better understand and develop leaders for the future.

Chris Gulliver, Denise Meakin, Etukudo Odungide, Lisa Rossetti and Philip E Sweet were additional contributors and authors.  Case Study authors were Kate Julian, Nadine Perrins and Greg Young.

Developing a New Generation of Financial Leaders at the West Midlands Pension Fund

“Due to my heavy workload I would sometimes feel that I could not justify the day out of the office (for this leadership and culture change programme) however on each occasion I returned to work refreshed and positive.”120THE £9 BILLION WEST MIDLANDS PENSION FUND (WMPF) is the largest in the UK. It has over 257,000 members and 300 scheme employers. Its assets are primarily managed in-house by investment professionals. It is facing unprecedented change because of the planned reforms of the UK pension industry and because of the declining and increasingly competitive traditional market. LeaderShape was called in to help Chief Pensions Service Manager, Nadine Perrins, manage the restructure of the organisation and the performance and development of it people to meet these changing needs. WMPF had been very traditional in its directive style of leadership and career progression based on longevity and favour, rather than merit. A major gap existed between the leadership experience of the Senior Management Team (several of whom were in sight of retirement) and middle-managers who had mostly received development in technical and business skills. The leadership style and culture of the organisation needed to become more inclusive and engaged with its employees in order to improve performance in a rapidly changing market.

Read the full Case Study on this major, successful piece of work.

We are pleased to report that, when asked “would you recommend this programme to a colleague?” 93% of WMPF participants said “YES”

“This was an excellent development opportunity which should be offered across the Pension Service as it would enable managers and staff to learn more about the impact they have on peers and colleagues, which would contribute towards changing the culture of the organisation!”     Testimonial from in-house review.

UK leaves new Senior Managers wholly unsupported

Leadership handoverOne man out the back door and one in the front; no mentoring for the role, not even a handover from the guy who ran the show for the last 13 years  – and did anyone actually show David Cameron the state of the accounts before they put him in charge of the country?!

Well, you may be horrified to learn that this is how UK Plc runs its business – and it’s the same extraordinary story in most UK Plcs.

Less than 5% of newly appointed company leaders are given support while learning their roles, leaving 40% quitting their post within two years. According to a new pilot survey* from expert coach-mentors, LeaderShape, companies expect Financial Directors or CEOs to hit the ground running in these challenging positions without backup – even if they are new to that level of responsibility. The cost of turnover at this £75,000 and above salary level has a serious impact on the UK’s balance sheet as well as on long-term business stability.

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LeaderShape supports new Senior Appointee Success

a leadershape leaderWith 40% of senior appointments failing within two years, LeaderShape has begun a unique drive with recruitment firms to save companies tens of thousands of pounds and spare them the serious disruption of losing high-level staff.  The partnership with far-sighted Executive Search Consultancies can markedly improve the chances of new hires succeeding, providing a support package within the early months to improve cultural fit and help resolve sensitive issues.

LeaderShape’s expert coach mentors are working with Recruitment Consultancies’ top-level placements during the initial transition phase into their new corporate roles.  The programme helps reinforce confidence and provides a neutral space to share concerns in the strictest confidence.

LeaderShape’s Chris Gulliver explains: “New senior executives represent a very significant investment and they are expected to hit the ground running.  These individuals get to top positions because they are bright, decisive, talented and experienced. The first 3-6 months offer a surprisingly short time in which to make a mark and build the vital new relationships. An outside ear at this crucial time can help sharpen real clarity of focus regarding what they are expected to deliver and how to achieve this, within the senior team.”

“Research shows companies often fail to make clear the results required of a senior executive, fail to investigate if the candidate has the hidden job skills required to succeed and then tend to withdraw to allow the new executive as much freedom of action as possible.”

“The cost of an unsuccessful senior appointment can be of the order of £30,000 or more in recruitment fees, but the impact on the business and for individual careers is far higher.”

“Our early support covers stakeholder mapping, establishing effective relationships, defining priorities and understanding how to generate quick wins and establish a presence. We offer a sounding board to explore real, objective understanding of issues which might otherwise inhibit or possibly derail successful placement.”

“Of course, our offer gives a considerable competitive advantage; therefore we operate with our partners to ensure this does not support competing recruitment organisations.”

LeaderShape mentors have direct experience of working with senior professionals up to and including Finance Directors, Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers.  Blue chip companies have expressed considerable interest in this scheme, which currently applies to appointees in the £75k and above bracket. LeaderShape’s approach aims to guarantee the best possible support at this senior level, ensuring the settling-in period has the greatest chance of a positive impact for long-term success.

For further details please contact Chris Gulliver on 01344 771058 or email him.