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Developing Public Health with County and District Councils

“A simple methodology to unlock possibilities and energy, when people are struggling with budgetary doom and gloom’’

by Cllr Michael Bamford and Cllr Diana Kersley

A few months ago, we wrote about the pilot between Suffolk County Council, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils and the Suffolk Public Health team. We are delighted to provide an update on this very successful project, which offers a framework for other two tier areas.

Public Health in Suffolk made an early transfer to the County Council. Embedding Public Health in Local Government gave an opportunity to achieve greater collaboration and coordinate focus on health and wellbeing. It also allowed time to understand different contributions, including those of the District Councils.

We wanted to build a framework to make the most of what each organisation had to offer and reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing. Like all public services, the change came at a time when the service was also coping with significant reductions in capacity; finding a way to help communities do more for themselves

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Local Links. Setting up a blueprint to improve UK health

Suffolk County Council
Closer and smarter working between district and county councillors has unprecedented potential to help improve the health and wellbeing of local communities.”  Cllrs Mark Bee and Kathy Gosling of Suffolk County Council.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT has been given a much greater role in public health. LeaderShape has been working with Suffolk’s Wellbeing Board to set a vision of shared, strategic leadership for this monumental change.

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