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Follow-up Planned after First Northern ICF Workshop Success

A new initiative to bring high-quality coaching workshops to the North of England has been so successful its organisers have begun planning next year’s series!

Devised and hosted by executive coaches and mentors, LeaderShape, together with the International Coach Federation (ICF,) the one-day seminar welcomed individual practitioners as well as corporate attendees, including from the telecoms and aerospace industries, to the renowned Work-Based Learning centre, the University of Chester.

One of the UK’s most senior coaches, Newfield NetworksAboodi Shabi, delivered the specialist session “The Art of Masterful Coaching – beyond a set of techniques,” to offer new perspectives to its audience.

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Achieving Excellence through a Transpersonal Leadership Style.

Danielle Grant travelled to Cardiff recently and provided the S. E. Wales Branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) with a fascinating insight into how organisations can help managers move from an Ego led (self focused) leadership approach to one of Transpersonal Leadership where the needs of ALL stakeholders are considered and prioritised.

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3 ways the brain creates meaning.

Three different areas of the brain help us understand words, images, feelings and the connections between them. So, how can we best engage our brains to help us better understand big ideas?

Recognized thought-leader and award-winning innovator, Tom Wujec, is a pioneer in business visualization; this emerging practice uses images, sketches and data-driven infographics to help teams solve complex problems.
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Are we all hard-wired to be selfish and is ‘survival of the fittest’ our true default?

Neuroscience contradicts this mantra and shows that the empathy we feel for others can drive our understanding of leadership. When the boss gets angry, the whole workforce reacts to the tension in the room. But leaders can motivate when they connect better with staff, using collaboration as a tool for success. It’s the opposite of our belief that business only wants ‘profit at any cost,’ a view that is wrecking our social structures and our world economy.

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Effective Leadership

Danielle Grant, Director, LeaderShapeIn a recent edition of Managing Partner Magazine (26 Nov 2010: Volume 13 Issue 4) LeaderShape’s Danielle Grant comments on the entirely different disciplines of management and leadership.

Too often, effective leadership is simply assumed to result from good management practice. This isn’t the case. Leaders need to earn the respect and loyalty of their followers, even as their desire for continuous learning, engagement, involvement and recognition increases.

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UK leaves new Senior Managers wholly unsupported

Leadership handoverOne man out the back door and one in the front; no mentoring for the role, not even a handover from the guy who ran the show for the last 13 years  – and did anyone actually show David Cameron the state of the accounts before they put him in charge of the country?!

Well, you may be horrified to learn that this is how UK Plc runs its business – and it’s the same extraordinary story in most UK Plcs.

Less than 5% of newly appointed company leaders are given support while learning their roles, leaving 40% quitting their post within two years. According to a new pilot survey* from expert coach-mentors, LeaderShape, companies expect Financial Directors or CEOs to hit the ground running in these challenging positions without backup – even if they are new to that level of responsibility. The cost of turnover at this £75,000 and above salary level has a serious impact on the UK’s balance sheet as well as on long-term business stability.

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