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The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

All leaders are keen on creating and working in an environment where everyone is motivated to perform beyond usual expectations without being asked, instructed or coerced. Generous rewards and bonuses don’t seem to be the answer. So how do we do this in a knowledge economy?

This lively RSA Animate video, adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

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Private Sector Forges Frameworks – Leaving Public Sector Coaching Behind?

Coaching and Mentoring in the Private SectorPublic sector coaching may be in danger of being left behind, while private corporations develop increasingly robust processes to monitor outcomes – according to a new report from the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) together with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and reported in HR Magazine. The qualitative survey says organisational buyers lack common standards and diverge in their approach – partly in response to the UK’s current economic pressures. As a result, the future of coaching may look markedly different between the public and private sectors in the coming years.

The IBC/EMCC study focused on areas including selection, monitoring and desired outcomes. They discovered diverse perspectives regarding what organisations considered ‘the right conditions’ for effective and cost-effective coaching.

The research quizzed participants about the nature and extent of sponsors’ involvement at all stages of the cycle (sourcing, selecting and matching coaches; involvement in setting coaching objectives and contracting; evaluation; ROI). Many public sector sponsors appear to be more ‘light touch’, relying on selection procedures for quality assurance and accountability.

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Millions Spent on Coaching Without a Business Purpose

While multi-millions of pounds are spent on coaching across the UK, nearly one in seven organisations (15%) admit they have absolutely no measurements in place to assess the impact of their programmes.

Human Resources publishes LeaderShape articleWorking with us at LeaderShape, a new survey from the leading recruiting expert, Hays Senior Finance, and reported in HR Magazine, shows that coaching is often undertaken without evaluating the return on investment. The survey also reports that two thirds of businesses (68%) fail to use coaching directly to address corporate objectives and they confess that outcomes are often simply referenced at a personal level.

Our own Chris Gulliver comments: “This is a very expensive missed opportunity for UK Plc in fast-moving times. Increasing amounts of money are being spent on coaching as a universal panacea but many companies have no comprehensive overview or sense of purpose.

“There is a clear lack of framework and training given to those who are delivering many of these programmes with the obvious outcome that they simply don’t understand how to use coaching effectively and spend money wisely. In what other area of business would money be laid out with so little thought to evaluating its impact?”

LeaderShape has developed a unique qualification – The Post Graduate Certificate in Coach-Mentoring and Facilitation in Organisations – accredited by the University of Chester to enable employees to develop and maintain best practice in the workplace. This enables superior delivery of important staff development needs, while at the same time providing a recognised academic award.

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Emotionally. Intelligent. Leaders.

Association of MBAs“Leadership in the 21st century is more complex and demanding than ever before…all leaders need to learn new behaviours to succeed. To understand which new behaviours you need to learn, you need to be emotionally intelligent”. Discuss, learn apply!

John Knights and Chris Gulliver of LeaderShape will introduce the key elements of emotionally intelligent leadership in this interactive and practical session for the Association of MBAs on Wednesday 20 January 2010 at the Strand Palace Hotel, London. Registration from 6pm. Visit the Association of MBAs website for booking information.