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Effective Leadership

Danielle Grant, Director, LeaderShapeIn a recent edition of Managing Partner Magazine (26 Nov 2010: Volume 13 Issue 4) LeaderShape’s Danielle Grant comments on the entirely different disciplines of management and leadership.

Too often, effective leadership is simply assumed to result from good management practice. This isn’t the case. Leaders need to earn the respect and loyalty of their followers, even as their desire for continuous learning, engagement, involvement and recognition increases.

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Private Sector Forges Frameworks – Leaving Public Sector Coaching Behind?

Coaching and Mentoring in the Private SectorPublic sector coaching may be in danger of being left behind, while private corporations develop increasingly robust processes to monitor outcomes – according to a new report from the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) together with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and reported in HR Magazine. The qualitative survey says organisational buyers lack common standards and diverge in their approach – partly in response to the UK’s current economic pressures. As a result, the future of coaching may look markedly different between the public and private sectors in the coming years.

The IBC/EMCC study focused on areas including selection, monitoring and desired outcomes. They discovered diverse perspectives regarding what organisations considered ‘the right conditions’ for effective and cost-effective coaching.

The research quizzed participants about the nature and extent of sponsors’ involvement at all stages of the cycle (sourcing, selecting and matching coaches; involvement in setting coaching objectives and contracting; evaluation; ROI). Many public sector sponsors appear to be more ‘light touch’, relying on selection procedures for quality assurance and accountability.

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Did you see LeaderShape in this week’s HR Magazine?

Chairman John Knights asks:

“In the current market increasing reliance is being placed on internally run coaching programmes.  But is internally or externally provided coaching becoming a panacea for Leadership development?  Without the necessary training, quality control, support and checking systems, companies may not even know about all the coaching that is going on or have any way of measuring if they are spending relatively large sums of money at all wisely.”

Human Resources publishes LeaderShape articleCompanies including TX Maxx and NHS finance and information company PSCAL give their viewpoints alongside this prestigious article. Click the logo to read the full article.

REAL Leadership Article Published.

Leadership AcademyJohn Knights of LeaderShape is a regular contributor to the Newsletter of the Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is run by six universities in the South East, led by The University of Surrey’s School of Management.

John’s article; Get REAL! Radical, Ethical, Authentic Leadership, is published in their latest newsletter.
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SEEDA case studies

Greg YoungGreg Young has made a contribution to a SEEDA Case Studies Publication, he provides a commentary on the leadership in Triometric. The complete publication; Leadership for Innovation, can be downloaded here.