LeaderShape Global Expands to South Africa

LeaderShape Global, is proud to announce it has appointed Mathye and Ditlou Dynasty Corporate Consultants (MmDdCc) as its sole Associate in the Republic of South Africa. CEO, Mokadi Max Mathye has been appointed Managing Partner in South Africa and a LeaderShape Faculty Member.  Mokadi will be responsible for developing LeaderShape’s business throughout the territory.

Mokadi explains: “South Africa is increasingly becoming a global player in an integrated global economy and will certainly benefit from the positive effects of Transpersonal Leadership which in my view cuts across all industries, including the governmental systems. The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 asserts that policymakers, businesses, and civil society leaders must work together to ensure continued growth and more inclusive outcomes of economic development. In my opinion, Transpersonal Leadership is a prerequisite for any collaboration between policymakers, businesses and civil society leaders to ensure sustainable growth and inclusive outcomes of economic development in South Africa.”

John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape, adds “Although Africa is still a relatively small part of the world economy with many hurdles to overcome to bring prosperity to all its people, we believe in the long term future potential of the continent. Nothing is more important in this scenario than excellent leadership that is ethical, authentic, caring and performance enhancing – what we call Transpersonal Leadership. Having established an operation in East Africa in 2013 we are now excited to have found the right partner in South Africa to enable us to support the ambitions of this amazing country.”



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