Ethics Embedded –

A workshop with a major division of one of the world’s largest multinational corporations to guide their vision of embedding an ethical culture and improving sustainable profitability.


ONE OF THE MOST WELL-KNOWN global manufacturing & engineering corporations wished to create an ethical culture as the core of their long-term success.  A code of conduct already existed, that employees signed up to worldwide. The organisation had a structure for ethical compliance but the CEO felt they needed something much more compelling than a tick-box exercise that can be circumvented.
LeaderShape Global facilitated a workshop for the senior leadership team, during a forum convened in the UK. The senior leadership team of 16 world-wide executives were keen to explore if and how developing an ethical culture could both drive and live in harmony with sustainable profitability and overall success. LeaderShape’s John Knights and Greg Young asked, “Why do you think being ethical is important for your company?”

The list of values that emerged included:

1   To create trust with our stakeholders to help overcome barriers
2   To create a safe environment
3   To attract and retain good people
4   To connect the personal to the corporate
5   To secure a long term future as a business
6   To be able to sleep well at night
7   It’s good for the corporate image – relevant and ethical
8   So everyone has the same ethical framework and knows where the line is
9   To create a positive environment which will positively impact on innovation
10 Reducing any fear culture
11 To get balanced decision making
12 To get consistency of culture in a changing environment
13 To create transparency and all the benefits that bring

Drilling down, LeaderShape then helped the senior team uncover an understanding of the business benefits behind each ethical concept.  Listen again here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.52.07
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 20.44.19
Leadership development work must follow through to avoid being stand-alone, removed from the day-to-day aims of the company. Research shows that many expensive programmes are simply left on the shelf after delivery, with no recognisable impact on those who undertake them.  LeaderShape’s unique approach embeds bespoke learning, tailored to an individual’s role,  at all levels of the organisation. A framework is created to examine the outcomes of the work and ensure a measurable return on such an important investment of time and money to take the corporation to new heights. Find out more here
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 20.45.49
One of the most interesting outcomes of the workshop in this hard-nosed, competitive environment, was an openness to developing an ethical culture as a driver of profit.



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