ABC of Leadership is Not so Easy

A, B , C ……………… Awareness, Behaviours and Consciousness!  These are the fundamentals for excellent leadership.

You can forget strategy, vision, mission, organisation and culture if you don’t have the “ABC of Leadership”, because all those plans, process and structures will never actually come to full fruition.

AWARENESS: For you to be effective as a leader you need to become as aware as you possibly can: of yourself, of the people around you, and of the changing world. Connecting with yourself and understanding the impact you have on the people and world around you might fundamentally change how you lead.

BEHAVIOURS:  Only the best leaders effectively manage their emotions so that their actions and communications are freed from their default instincts and learned prejudices. Mastering this aspect of leadership will have the greatest sustainable impact on your own productivity and of those around you.

CONSCIOUSNESS: We all have deeply held values and the vast majority have good values. The problem is many leaders keep those values hidden, out of sight, or left at the office door. Excellent leaders bring their values to full consciousness so they are a touchstone for everything they do and every decision they make. This enables organisations to go  beyond ethical compliance towards embedding ethical behaviour into  the organisational culture.


John Knights, Chairman LeaderShape

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