A challenge for the book industry?

2014-01-09T211337Z_4_CBREA0812MG00_RTROPTP_3_BARNESANDNOBLE-RESULTS_originalWHAT IS CHANGING is not the popularity or usefulness of the book, but the way authors create and share, and readers find and enjoy them.

The book industry has therefore a challenge to find new ways to assist authors to craft and present their ideas, and to promote and sell them to readers. What this endeavour requires, what the best publishers and booksellers still possess (and Amazon’s algorithms lack) is an intimate knowledge of reader needs and desires and how to help find the right authors to meet that need. Good publishers and booksellers also know where their readers are, how to reach them, and how to develop new readers and increase the range of existing ones. Good publishers can spot readers who can also make good authors, and help them develop and grow.

Kind regards

Duncan Enright, LeaderShape

Duncan has been a senior director with over 25 years experience in the publishing industry. He’d be delighted to discuss your leadership issues, whatever the size of your publishing-related concern. You can find out about his background here or contact him now.


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