Local Links. Setting up a blueprint to improve UK health

Suffolk County Council
Closer and smarter working between district and county councillors has unprecedented potential to help improve the health and wellbeing of local communities.”  Cllrs Mark Bee and Kathy Gosling of Suffolk County Council.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT has been given a much greater role in public health. LeaderShape has been working with Suffolk’s Wellbeing Board to set a vision of shared, strategic leadership for this monumental change.

A joined-up approach to tackling difficult issues, improving information-sharing and unblocking barriers (particularly between partners) is set to impact massively on a range of complex areas, where social and health concerns often overlap. Traditional systems are being swept aside in a revolution to drive improvements and efficiencies.

You can see more about this case study in in the Local Government Association’s First Magazine. Or follow us on Twitter as we explain the processes undertaken, the outcomes and successes, plus a rigorous analysis of benefits (including financial) over the next few months.

Our colleague Janice Steed can give you an early insight into how we can apply these emerging learnings to your organisation’s needs.  Please pass this Alert newsletter to interested NHS and local government colleagues, see case studies on our website and take a look at the wealth of top-level executive experience in our National Health Team.

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