Rupert Murdoch & Grayson Perry’s Exhibition – a Transpersonal (beyond the ego) experience

Catch up in my hotel room in Mumbai.
As a result of the recent News of the World debacle, Bella (my wife) and I decided not to buy any publications from the Murdoch stall and agreed to stop buying The Sunday Times. I rationally excluded Sky TV from the debate on the basis Murdoch only owns a minority stake – and I love watching sport on the TV. Reasonable don’t you think? After all, his daughter does live near us – albeit separated by their 10 foot wall.

 Over the last few weeks we have tried all the non-salacious Sunday newspapers – unfortunately they have just not got it. Bella suggested that we make an exception to our moral commitment just for the ST – I was relieved as I can now say I am doing it for her. A few minutes after bringing the ST into the house, Bella shouts out with glee that there is a Grayson Perry exhibition on at the British Museum. Grayson who? No, not him – the one who likes dressing up as a woman? Oh all right if you insist!! Why do you think I will like it? No , I don’t wear women’s shoes!
Anyway, being the good husband I am, I allowed Bella to drag me kicking and screaming to the British Museum after a night on the tiles celebrating my 65th birthday with my middle daughter Jasmin and her Stu. It was the first of three celebrations as it was impossible to coordinate a coming together of my three daughters until 2014. I digress.
The exhibition was exquisite, especially the new ceramic jars that have an ancient design but with 21st century icons and references. I loved the “Frivolous Now” which was a great visualisation of modern corporate “spirituality”. And the tapestry which was a collage of truths and beliefs. And his teddy bear, Alan Measles. But most importantly, it was actually quite a spiritual experience – putting the world into context and perspective. Well done indeed Grayson.
Do go and see it, and drag your other better half with you! And thank you Rupert Murdoch! Not for being the person you are but for producing at least one best-of-breed newspaper that told us about the exhibition. There’s value in all of us.
Footnote: Belatedly, I have to admit I discovered a good article on Grayson and the exhibition in the Guardian. But they don’t do the Guardian on Sunday!

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