About Transpersonal Leadership: Ethical Leadership

The News of the World debacle identifies our total lack of ethical leadership – and it’s not just Rupert Murdoch

The current disaster can be laid firmly at the door of unethical leadership. The unethical genius that is Rupert Murdoch together with his disciples Rebekah Brooks and son James Murdoch may be at the pinnacle but our political leaders Blair, Brown and Cameron have shown more than just bad judgement in their quest for News International’s support. Then there is the police, the newspaper advertisers (who have been supporting the tabloids for years and then pull out for purely commercial reasons) and of course the journalists and private investigators themselves.

This is in the context of a tabloid newspaper industry where the culture is dictatorial, the memory of the banking crisis is still ringing in our ears and not to forget the energy companies who are ripping off the consumers. If I paused for a moment I could name more industries. The problem is we have little spiritual leadership (and I don’t mean religious leadership) in this country or in much of the western world (Berlusconi, DSK, etc?) where we say we do not accept business ‘as usual’ and consciously ask ourselves whether our decisions and actions are ethical.

Commentators on these issues often refer to ‘bad judgement’ (i.e. they got into trouble) but rarely talk about ‘bad ethics’ which is surely at the core of this mess.

We need influencers (shareholders, trustees, non-exec directors, etc) to insist that a key criteria for choosing a top leader is that they are ethical. We also need to develop ethical spiritual leaders – what at LeaderShape we call Transpersonal Leadership – beyond the ego.

2 Responses to “About Transpersonal Leadership: Ethical Leadership”

  1. 1 Estelle Thistleton 15/07/2011 at 12:59 pm

    I am both appalled and heartened at the revelations about leadership:

    Appalled that the rot goes so far into the heart our leadership and aware that it reflects something about ourselves and the extent to which we have lost connection with our own true selves.
    Heartened at how we are finally, painfully, willing to look into an abyss from which we averted our gaze to finally have the courage to look, shining a light on how we have become and with new awareness and wisdom we can choose again.. for a better world. A world where we OWN our part as leaders

  2. 2 Bay Jordan 13/07/2011 at 4:04 pm

    You are right – there is a crisis of leadership. There is also increasing lack of accountability pervading our society – one symptom of which is leaders do not resign when things go wrong.

    There is is also a crisis of ownership. The ostensible owners of business no longer act like owners in the best long-term interests of the business and its purpose.

    The answer to both problems is to create more devolved leadership. And this can be done by making employees co-owners of the business. I offer a solution that I think will go a long way towards solving this. You can get more information about it from my blog yesterday at

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