The Art of Masterful Coaching

One Day Specialist Workshop
at the University of Chester, Warrington Campus.

This workshop can count towards a prestigious post-graduate University degree; it will carry ICF (International Coach Federation) Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) *. 

Aboodi Shabi, Newfield Network, 1 day coaching workshopwith Aboodi Shabi of Newfield Network

  • Experience one of the UK’s most senior coaches in action – a pioneer and leader in the UK and European Coaching community
  • Develop deep listening to allow the authentic human being to speak
  • Learn to understand beyond presenting goals, then to move beyond technique to discover the true expression of the client before you.

This will be a thought provoking and stimulating workshop, offering questions and new perspectives about coaching and the world in which we do our work. The day will be highly experiential with plenty of coaching and reflective exercises.

*CCEUs will be awarded, subject to ratification by the ICF

Wednesday 14th September 2011, 9.15am to 5.00pm. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Facilitator Aboodi Shabi says:
“In our increasingly rational culture, we have learned to invalidate that which can’t be measured or analysed. We don’t value that which makes no sense, or has no apparent purpose. We learn to communicate strategically, effectively and intelligently, but at the expense of truly expressing ourselves.
“And when we cannot express ourselves fully, our magic cannot show up.
“We might well be performing well against measurable targets but we are like empty shells, living lives that are automatic and soulless.
“I want to suggest that the human soul longs, perhaps more than anything else, to express itself and be heard or seen. It doesn’t need to be fixed or told what to do next or given a solution. It simply longs to be witnessed.
“Coaching that doesn’t include this capacity to deeply listen misses out on the essential core of the client’s being and can only really be skin-deep.”
“Learn your theories and techniques as well as you can, and then be prepared to set them aside when you meet the miracle of the living soul in front of you” Jung.

About Aboodi Shabi
Aboodi Shabi is one of the UK’s most senior coaches and a pioneer and leader in the UK and European Coaching community. He was a founding co-President of the UK ICF and has served the profession at all levels internationally. He has worked in the field of personal development for nearly twenty years, and in coaching since 1996. In that time he has worked with hundreds of coaches across the world.

Aboodi is a Newfield Network Certified Ontological Coach and is currently manager of European Public Programmes for Newfield Network. He teaches in Newfield programmes in North America and Europe and has also been an invited presenter on coaching mastery at several European coaching schools, as well as a popular speaker at coaching conferences.
“You are very knowledgeable about coaching in my opinion and you express your knowledge with clarity and humility. You are great at holding the attention of your audience too. That seems a lot like emotional intelligence, the bedrock on which all good coaches must stand.”
Sir John Whitmore – author of Coaching for Performance

Wednesday 14th September 2011, 9.15am to 5.00pm. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

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