Emotional Intelligence or Behavioural Control?

Successfully managing a difficult member of your team is a challenge. Assuming they generally behave reasonably, it could be stress overload rather than their character. 

Neuroscience is beginning to understand how our brains evolved from basic survival mechanisms through to complex “Emotional Intelligence.” Internationally known psychologist, Daniel Goleman, explains the scientific background to a common workplace concern.

Emotional Intelligence or Behavioural Control?

LeaderShape uses work-based learning techniques, creating the right environment for leaders to learn what they need the change and overcome barriers to making that change.  We help leaders understand Emotional Intelligence (EI) and work on techniques to improve their levels of EI.

We enable them to learn and then practice and embed new behaviours.  Leaders begin carrying out new, agreed actions within their organisations and then reflect on how it went with their colleagues, to improve their levels of success.

Greg Young, LeaderShape.

3 Responses to “Emotional Intelligence or Behavioural Control?”

  1. 1 Aspenroot 14/06/2011 at 7:07 pm

    Emotional Intelligence in a complex concept that covers a wide range of aspects. For many it is difficult looking inward to discover that inner illumination. One issue is that people often are not authentic with themselves. In order to respond instead of reacting, I think that we need an authentic emotional intelligence that really embodies ourselves.

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