Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team.

How do you build teams that achieve?
What improves performance and what kills it?

Tom Wujec is a Fellow in a company whose world leading technology serves the design, engineering and entertainment industries.  The task he sets is simple, quick and encourages deep learning regarding collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team.

Build a Tower, Build a Team

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LeaderShape focuses firmly on practical leadership training and development, developing capability through the coaching, mentoring and facilitation of individuals, and groups.  Here are 7 of their leadership secrets to help your teams exceed expectations.

  1. Structures matter. Conflicting priorities and working patterns that don’t mesh will stress people.
  2. Matrix managers must communicate regularly and keep each other posted. If staff have to second-guess what matters most to the organisation, the risk is they will do nothing.  And when productivity falls… it’s your fault!
  3. In pressured times, small things can trigger unexpected reactions – as leaders you should take heed of the warning signs and step in before there’s a crisis.
  4. Email and instant messaging help, but when did you last cross the office for a chat or at least pick up the phone?
  5. To be bold, creative or engaged, staff need to feel safe …or the organisation will suffer.
  6. Ensure every Jack and Jill feels valued. Designated managers should be responsible for named individuals. People need to belong and be listened to.
  7. Give employees the chance to take charge – maybe they can see solutions, after all they are doing the job!

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