Changing Education Paradigms.

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with something original.

Business leaders know what they want from the next generation workforce. Yet mainstream education continues to suffer complaints of low student achievement and employees who aren’t ready for the job.

Internationally recognized guru, Sir Ken Robinson, has penned Government education reports and was central to the Northern Ireland Peace Process regarding its economic development strategy. If that isn’t enough, he was one of four international advisors to the Singapore Government for its plan to become the creative hub of South East Asia.

This video clip has had nearly 5m visits. So why aren’t Sir Ken’s ideas being implemented in learning?

Changing Education Paradigms.

Work-Based Learning can be much more effective than traditional teaching methods, because it better matches how the brain works. As Chair of the Oxfordshire Learning and Skill Partnership, I realised that the personal behaviours, social skills and work based-learning techniques for leaders could have a major impact on the performance of every individual in society. And therefore we established the BAM (Behaviours, Attitudes and Mindsets) project in Oxfordshire to address this.

At LeaderShape, we use two related areas that are unusual in helping leaders improve their competence and performance. The first is we introduce them to Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the second is we help them to work on techniques to improve their levels of EI. Using work-based learning techniques we create the right environment for leaders to have insights, enabling them to learn and then practice and embed new behaviours.  Leaders begin carrying out new, agreed actions within their organisations and then reflect on how it went with their colleagues, to improve their levels of success.

John Knights, LeaderShape

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