Are we all hard-wired to be selfish and is ‘survival of the fittest’ our true default?

Neuroscience contradicts this mantra and shows that the empathy we feel for others can drive our understanding of leadership. When the boss gets angry, the whole workforce reacts to the tension in the room. But leaders can motivate when they connect better with staff, using collaboration as a tool for success. It’s the opposite of our belief that business only wants ‘profit at any cost,’ a view that is wrecking our social structures and our world economy.

See how the founder and president of the American Foundation on Economic Trends, Jeremy Rifkin, investigates empathy’s evolution as a force to shape human society. And looks at the global implications of that evolution.

Jeremy Rifkin on ‘the empathic civilization’.

At LeaderShape we see how ‘transpersonal’ skills – the ability to connect, motivate and ‘get’ what people need – help managers choose their responses. Organisational change is a gradual process that needs attention and effort – change is also scary! But we strive to help managers make change, give up defending the familiar and create a winning culture.

Danielle Grant, LeaderShape

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