Learning is ALL Around

Learning opportunities are going on around us all the time and we don’t necessarily recognise them until we really absorb what is going on.  And Leadership has common themes, which hold true in the most unlikely of places.

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy at a music festival:

Apart from being amused, what do we learn?

  1. The lone guy has overcome his own fear of standing out and has a strong sense of conviction – possibly helped by some alcohol in this case, but didn’t Churchill take that approach too?
  2. Be visible! How can people follow you if you are stuck in your office?
  3. Demonstrate the behaviours you want others to follow – no one here is doing a waltz, they’re all dancing very much like him.
  4. Treat those that follow you as equals and encourage them, especially those that follow first; then they develop the courage to be leaders like you.
  5. Know when to blend in and simply be one of the team.

Greg Young, LeaderShape.

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