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Effective Leadership

Danielle Grant, Director, LeaderShapeIn a recent edition of Managing Partner Magazine (26 Nov 2010: Volume 13 Issue 4) LeaderShape’s Danielle Grant comments on the entirely different disciplines of management and leadership.

Too often, effective leadership is simply assumed to result from good management practice. This isn’t the case. Leaders need to earn the respect and loyalty of their followers, even as their desire for continuous learning, engagement, involvement and recognition increases.

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Learning is ALL Around

Learning opportunities are going on around us all the time and we don’t necessarily recognise them until we really absorb what is going on.  And Leadership has common themes, which hold true in the most unlikely of places.

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Scrooge – Building Emotional Intelligence

What has the Christmas story of Scrooge to do with the new fangled art of building Emotional Intelligence in the Board Room?  Traditional leadership (based on knowledge and power) can be difficult to shake off but most good leaders learn to use one of six styles (visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting and commanding) to meet the demands made upon them.

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