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John Knights to Lecture US MBA Students.

John Knights, Chairman, LeaderShapeExecutive students from two prestigious U.S. Universities are to learn about The Leadership Development Journey from LeaderShape expert, John Knights.

Students from the Executive MBA programmes of the University of California (Riverside, CA) and Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA) will attend the lectures while visiting Oxford University this Spring.

The Leadership Journey includes focusing on emotional intelligence, recent neuroscience research and “thinking beyond your ego”.

LeaderShape supports new Senior Appointee Success

a leadershape leaderWith 40% of senior appointments failing within two years, LeaderShape has begun a unique drive with recruitment firms to save companies tens of thousands of pounds and spare them the serious disruption of losing high-level staff.  The partnership with far-sighted Executive Search Consultancies can markedly improve the chances of new hires succeeding, providing a support package within the early months to improve cultural fit and help resolve sensitive issues.

LeaderShape’s expert coach mentors are working with Recruitment Consultancies’ top-level placements during the initial transition phase into their new corporate roles.  The programme helps reinforce confidence and provides a neutral space to share concerns in the strictest confidence.

LeaderShape’s Chris Gulliver explains: “New senior executives represent a very significant investment and they are expected to hit the ground running.  These individuals get to top positions because they are bright, decisive, talented and experienced. The first 3-6 months offer a surprisingly short time in which to make a mark and build the vital new relationships. An outside ear at this crucial time can help sharpen real clarity of focus regarding what they are expected to deliver and how to achieve this, within the senior team.”

“Research shows companies often fail to make clear the results required of a senior executive, fail to investigate if the candidate has the hidden job skills required to succeed and then tend to withdraw to allow the new executive as much freedom of action as possible.”

“The cost of an unsuccessful senior appointment can be of the order of £30,000 or more in recruitment fees, but the impact on the business and for individual careers is far higher.”

“Our early support covers stakeholder mapping, establishing effective relationships, defining priorities and understanding how to generate quick wins and establish a presence. We offer a sounding board to explore real, objective understanding of issues which might otherwise inhibit or possibly derail successful placement.”

“Of course, our offer gives a considerable competitive advantage; therefore we operate with our partners to ensure this does not support competing recruitment organisations.”

LeaderShape mentors have direct experience of working with senior professionals up to and including Finance Directors, Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers.  Blue chip companies have expressed considerable interest in this scheme, which currently applies to appointees in the £75k and above bracket. LeaderShape’s approach aims to guarantee the best possible support at this senior level, ensuring the settling-in period has the greatest chance of a positive impact for long-term success.

For further details please contact Chris Gulliver on 01344 771058 or email him.

Emotionally. Intelligent. Leaders.

Association of MBAs“Leadership in the 21st century is more complex and demanding than ever before…all leaders need to learn new behaviours to succeed. To understand which new behaviours you need to learn, you need to be emotionally intelligent”. Discuss, learn apply!

John Knights and Chris Gulliver of LeaderShape will introduce the key elements of emotionally intelligent leadership in this interactive and practical session for the Association of MBAs on Wednesday 20 January 2010 at the Strand Palace Hotel, London. Registration from 6pm. Visit the Association of MBAs website for booking information.