Who will get the Empathy Vote?

Which leader will get your vote?It’s Party conference season.  The Lib Dems kicked it off, followed by Labour and now it’s the Conservatives turn in the spotlight.  These occasions are now aimed less at the party faithful themselves and more a showcase for the wider audience.  This is especially so this year with a General Election not that far away. 

So it has become a bit of a beauty parade for the leaders; Nick Clegg seeking to establish credibility that the Lib Dems are not a wasted vote, Gordon Brown focusing on policy substance and this week David Cameron will want to appear as PM in waiting.

In order to be successful, all three leaders will have to connect with ordinary people, demonstrate that they really do understand their issues in a way that isn’t politically patronising but authentic and heartfelt.  In short they need to demonstrate empathy in bucket loads.  Easier said than done, especially for Gordon Brown who has been living in the Government bubble for over a decade, and perhaps David Cameron with his privileged background shared with a number of colleagues in the Shadow Cabinet.

Empathy is an essential ingredient of excellent leadership and anyone in any walk of life politics aside, will not gain followers without this attribute.  See the four key ways you can develop your own empathy by visiting http://www.leadershape.biz/empathy.aspx

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